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ISSA Specialist in Senior Fitness (IN PROGRESS)

Modern science has given us the ability to slow and even reverse the negative effects of aging. And study after study has shown that seniors are not only capable of real exercise, but can vastly improve their health, strength, mobility, and independence through exercise. As an ISSA student working toward my certification in senior fitness + my Certification in Personal Training, I am able to help you set realistic goals for your health, and then enjoy achieving and exceeding them.

below is taken from the Senior Fitness 3rd Edition by:  Karl Knopf, EdD

Unfortunately, many older adults believe it is too late to start exercising and that their past abilities and present disabilities are predictors of how fit or healthy they can become. This is false! No matter how well one maintains oneself, the physiological process will eventually take its toll. However, people need to take to heart the idea that proper exercise is an important ingredient in maximizing physiological capacity. Regular daily activity has been a way of life for virtually every person who has reached the age of one hundred in sound condition. Exercise training does not stop the biological clock, but at the present time, it is the safest means available of slowing it.

Quote:  Alex Lief, M.D., a Harvard Medical School professor of gerontology, has said that exercise is the closest thing we have to an “anti-aging pill.”

 .... bottom line.   It is never too late ;)   

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